Bucketful of Bob
  by Bob Poulsen

Hi I'm Bob, and I made an "LP" (a Long-Playing "Record").

In the 1970s and 80s, Bob Poulsen performed at small and medium venues of the West Coast and the Midwest.
These songs from the 1980s document Bob`s rhythmic and experimental take on American Roots Music.
Play eleven full-length songs at the Bob Poulsen YouTube Channel — free.
    01 - Some Kinda Love ... 2:41
    02 - Funny, Funny, Funny World ... 3:10
    03 - You Broke My Heart in Three ... 3:30
    04 - Gotta Know Somebody ... 2:54
    05 - Big If ... 2:54
    06 - Ode to The Round Table Restaurant of Cannon Beach ... 2:33
    07 - In the Year 70510 ... 1:08
    08 - Bob's Special Music ... 3:18
    09 - The Sad Tale of the Pickup Truck ... 2:32
    10 - North Star Foodservice Equipment Theme Song ... 1:40
    11 - Everything ... 2:01


Bucketful of Bob on Compact Disc

The easiest way to listen to Bob's 1980s music
is at the Bob Poulsen Youtube Channel.
If you absolutely must own the CD,
you can order it at
Bucketful of Bob, Bob Poulsen, $9.95

"Spanning at least three centuries of influences from The American Songbook, from ancient Elizabethan-Appalachian ballads up through the Country, Rock, Acid-Rock, Folk and Bluegrass of the 80's (the original time period when these tracks were made), this compilation of 'home', studio, and live recordings shows very able musicianship on a variety of instruments (guitars, both electric and acoustic, fiddle, banjo, bass, percussion, and vocals) and a wry sense of humor that must be experienced to be fully enjoyed."

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PS - Here are three bonus mp3 tracks